Customs Clearance of Land Cargoes

When crossing the borders of a country, all products must undergo customs clearance - a list of legal operations. Legislative instruments of the Customs Union determine the rules of the customs clearance in Russian Federation. Customs clearance process depends on the nomenclature of the goods, mode of transport, the legal status of the person declaring goods at customs, as well as the target destination. Any goods, regardless of their size, value and country of origin are subject to customs clearance in Russia. This procedure requires some effort, knowledge in documents circulation and high legal awareness of who performs it. In order to successfully and without delay register shipments that arrived, it is necessary not only to collect the required set of documents, but to check them for the presence of all necessary information, accuracy of execution and filling. 

Mack Linehas many years of experience in customs clearance and interaction with customs authorities enables us to carry out customs clearance of goods without delay and postponement. 

Customs clearance is inextricably linked with the entire foreign trade activities and is its final stage, but taken into account the details and specifics of customs procedures, it is also necessary during negotiations with foreign partners. It should be noted that ignorance or misunderstanding of the customs law, non-compliance to rules on importation or exportation of goods, as well as cooperation with organizations practicing illegal activities of moving goods across national borders might give rise to both administrative and criminal liability

Our company provides customs clearance services, both at domestic and at border customs. 

Our company has positive experience in customs clearance with confirmation of cost using the transaction price of imported goods, in other words clearance without altering the customs value. 

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