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Boeing 747F

The Boeing 747F is one of the most popular cargo aircraft, which is capable of carrying up to 128.5 tons of cargo (Boeing 747-400F) and 130 tons (Boeing 747-8F). The aircraft was designed with a wide fuselage for efficient loading through spacious side and front (nose) doors. The Group of Companies operates eighteen aircraft of this type: 4 — Boeing 747-400ERF, 3 — Boeing 747-400F and 11 — 747-8F.

Boeing 737F

The Boeing 737-400SF is a medium-haul transport aircraft designed for short and medium-haul airlines. It is capable of transporting loads weighing up to 20 tons and a volume of 130 m3 over a distance of 2,800 kilometers.

The Boeing 737-400SF is equipped with a side cargo hatch on the upper deck and a mechanized loading system that allow 10 standard aviation pallets or containers measuring 2235×3175 mm to be placed in the cargo cabin.

The Boeing 737-400SF aircraft is a cargo modification of the passenger Boeing 737-400. The Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies operates three aircraft of this type.

AN 124

The AN-124-100 Ruslan is the world's largest civilian cargo aircraft, a recognized leader in the market of air cargo transportation of bulky and superheavy cargo. The combination of such technical characteristics as the volume of the cargo cabin, the flight range, the ability to load without special loading equipment allows you to transport super-heavy and bulky loads weighing up to 120 tons over extremely long distances.

The sealed cargo cabin with a total volume of 1050 m3 provides ample opportunities for the transportation of various types of cargo, including non-standard and large-sized, as well as requiring special transportation conditions.

The multi-rack chassis, equipped with 24 wheels, allows you to operate the aircraft from unpaved runways, as well as change the angle of inclination of the fuselage, which facilitates loading and unloading operations.

The AN-124-100 aircraft has two cargo hatches, nose and tail, equipped with folding cargo ramps. For loading non-standard cargo, two electric winches with a thrust of up to 3 tons each and 4 electric hoists with a total load capacity of up to 30 tons are installed in the cargo cabin.

Currently, Volga-Dnepr Airlines has 12 AN-124-100 Ruslan aircraft in its fleet.